Anonymous asked: Their new sweaters are so nice! I want one so badly T_T

Oh my gosh! Preach it, will ya! … Dear goodness, I hope they put some up for sale by chance… Or hopefully duplicates will be allowed? ;uuu; I really think they’re lovely.. The colors contrast nice with each other although they’re keeping it simple and clean. Geez, and with their names on the back… *^* … It’s like a must have for the sweatshirt that is a duplicate of your 17 bias’! ;o;

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For more screencaps, go here.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know what ring Hansol's been wearing on his finger? :)

Hi! I really apologize, but I am afraid I cannot answer that since I do not know… But! If any of my followers do know, please feel free to respond to this question! ^u^ I and this anon would sure appreciate it! 

Also, just a heads up! I’m not dead… I’m just stuck with so, so, so much homework! ;__; I will be back some time, I promise. 

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[!] Pre-debut videos of Hansol from English House are now back up with the dates! Check this post in the next few hours for the DL links. Enjoy~

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17stans you need to watch this.

This is so me

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Okay, so I’ve just gotten back home from vacation and my laptop is working fine now, but the thing is, I’ve start school already and I’m in advanced classes and my brain is already going dead. ; u ; 

So, I’ll be on a SEMI-HIATUS. I’ll be TRYING to go on weekends, but that depends if I don’t have to study for an upcoming test. ;___; Life hurts tbh

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My laptop has been being weird

So I can’t do much at the moment. Just informing… heh.

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